11 Golden Rules for Information Security

A few “Golden Rules” should always be observed by all users, whether employees or students.

Update! Update! Update

Keep yours, hers and especially yours on all your devices always up to date.


Use – if possible and reasonable – different user names (e-mail addresses) for different pages/applications/webseites.


Use a unique, secure password for each access (account, e-mail, …)!
With our password generator it is very easy to generate one.



Never click on “OK”, “Next”, “Yes”, “Agree” or “Accept” etc. without reading and thinking about it first.


“Free” is often expensive: you pay with your data!
Therefore, distribute your data with care: It is not always necessary to fill in every online form field.



An e-mail is like a postcard, not like a letter!


Pay attention to the links and attachments in every email and on every website: don’t just click, look first!
Phishing and blackmail Trojans are very fashionable!
The more alert we are, the more sophisticated but also the tricks. Inform yourself!


Always activate a screen saver with password protection (e.g. for Windows: “Windows” key + “L”) when you leave the computer, no matter how short it is!



Do not work as “Administrator”, but as a normal user (Windows: standard user).
Deactivate or delete all applications and services that you do not need.
What is not there cannot be attacked.


“Automatic” is not automatically good!
Turn off automatic connection to “known” WLANs – see presentation WLAN Security


Backup! Backup! Backup!
Back up your data often and regularly to a safe place – it is your only insurance against blackmail trojans (“Ransom-Ware“) – and against hardware failures.


Once again differently formulated by Heise Online: How to protect yourself

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