Applications and services of the Gauss IT Center (as replacement for other cloud services, selection)

Free web services are practical, without question.

But why wander far away when good things are so close at hand? – It works even without Doodle, GoogleDocs, Skype & Co.

The Gauss IT Centre offers many free services for members and relatives of the TU Braunschweig – and that includes free support for the services offered by the GITZ. Some of the services are offered via the German Research Network (DFN).

You can find a complete overview of the services offered by the Gauss IT Centre in our services catalog.

Here we present a few, but important, selected services of the GITZ and DFN:

Field of application Access Comment
E-mail, appointments, contacts (for employees: incl. mail archive) (Groupware Communigate Pro) Access Instructions
Cloudstorage Online storage and file exchange (PowerFolder) Access Instructions
Online office / document processing and collaboration (OnlyOffice) integrated in cloud storage Instructions
Messenger of the TU Braunschweig (RocketChat) Access Instructions
Survey Tool (LimeSurvey)
(Activation required)
Access Instructions
Link shortener Access Instructions
Scheduling Surveys Scheduling tool (“Foodle”) Access (DFN) Instructions (DFN)
Virus protection/end point protection (Sophos) Download Instruction
Special software (only for organizational units of the TU) – subject to license Software Instructions Special Software (only for organizational units of TU Braunschweig) subject to license
Campus map TU Braunschweig Access
 maps (Open Street Map) Access Open Street Map Foundation OSMF
Video Conferencing / Web Conferences DFNconf (Pexip)
(also with external participants) (maximum 23 persons)
DFNconf AccessPexip Provider: DFN, Instructions Pexip (DFN)
Video Conferences/Web Conferences/Online Teaching BigBlueButton (BBB)
(also with external participants) (maximum 150 persons, also integrated in Stud.IP)
BBB Access (TU) Instruction: DokuWiki
Video Conferencing / Web Conferences / Online Teaching DFNconf (Adobe Connect)
(also with external participants) (maximum 200 persons)
DFNconf Access Adobe Connect Provider: DFN, Instruction Adobe Connect (DFN)
Video Conferencing / Web Conferences / Online Teaching / Meetings Cisco WebEx
(also with external participants) (maximum 1000 persons) in three versions: Meetings, training and events
WebEx Access(Cisco WebEx) Instruction: Meetings (DokuWiki) and Meetings (PLuM) (PDF),
Training (DokuWiki) and Training (PLuM) (PDF),
Events (DokuWiki) and Events (PLuM) (PDF)
Backup / Restore
(only for organizational units of the TU)