Author: Christian Böttger


Warning: significant increase in attacks via e-mail [CISO, 15.11.2021] Compromised Exchange servers at communication partners for phishing wave


Increased attacks via SMS (October 2021) The BSI warns of increased SMS phishing

HildeGuard-Tipp 04.10.2021

Warning: extensive phishing around Outlook/Exchange and various banks Please be particularly careful with mails that ask you to enter user data!


Warning against attacks with prepared Office documents ActiveX controls must be switched off until a patch is released


Warning and information about Bitlocker encryption – not secure without password/PIN Always use Bitlocker with a forced password, especially for notebooks and especially for business trips abroad.

HildeGuard-Tipp 02.08.2021

Warning against phishing: fake login page [CBö, 02.08.’21] spear phishing against the TU Braunschweig ... again


Phishing email in circulation [26.04.2021 CBö] Spying on email addresses?


Warning: wave of phishing against public institutions [19.03.2021, CBö] Criminals exploit the Exchange/Hafnium incident


Warning: Spear-Phishing “Validierungshinweis” – 24.02.2021 Please delete the mail, do not click on the link!


Warning: “Informationsalarm!” phishing e-mail Please do not click on the link!