Awareness posters with explanations

These information security awareness posters were developed by the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Centers for Communication and Information Processing in Teaching and Research e.V. (ZKI) (as postcard template and poster). A permission for use within the TU Braunschweig has been granted. Interested DP coordinators, lecturers, and other interested members of the TU Braunschweig please contact the IT Service Desk.

Further, externally available posters can be found for example at the SECUSO research group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Please note the terms of use there.

Slogans and their explanations

Fifi is the name of my dog – not my password

Passwords should above all be long and not easy to guess.
Then regular changing is not necessary.
See also: |Password Security



I am open in dealing with people – not with my sensitive data

Often emails and messages can be intercepted on social networks. That is why you should not forward your sensitive data – such as account information.




M – This starts my name – not my lock code

Lock codes can be easily recognized by the impressions on the display. It is therefore better to use combinations of numbers.




Brave – am I in sports, not in clouds and Phishing-Mails

Before you click on a link or create a cloud, you should first read up on it. Impulsive behavior can be dangerous here.see also: Phishing emails and basic computer protection




I am unprepared for the next exam – not in case of a phishing mail

Time and again, e-mails are sent with the wrong sender in order to gain access to private and sensitive data. The best way to check with the sender is by phone, see also: Beware of Phishing

From yesterday are the wallpapers of Aunt Luise – not my firewall

Firewalls and virus scanners are regularly updated. If you block these on your computer, you put your security at risk.




My old socks are full of holes – not my firewall

To ensure this, the firewall should never be deactivated and should receive regular updates.




I have a clear view through my windshield

Clouds are practical – to keep it that way, you should protect your data with a password.




Productive is the food my grandma eats – not my Facebook profile

What we reveal on our online profiles and what not should be carefully considered. Data can easily be spied out.




Well maintained – is not only my virus program

To protect your computer and smartphone, it is important to regularly update virus programs and passwords.




My private data belong to me – not to the public

To ensure that this continues to be the case, you should change your passwords regularly, not open unknown e-mails and inform yourself about data security.




Postcards I collect – but others not my data

Often apps, search engines and cookies collect data without us wanting it and without us noticing.




Monopoly I play with my friends – not with my data and also not with the data entrusted to me

Data can easily be spied out on the Internet. Therefore it is better to play it.




Inventories collect squirrels – no humans

Data retention can have many advantages. But if the data falls into the wrong hands, it can cause considerable damage.




I am informed – about data security

Data security is a topic we should all be concerned with. Each of us is responsible for his or her own data.