Information for IT staff: IT emergency card “Behaviour in the event of IT incidents”

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has made an IT emergency card available for posting (analogous to the familiar notices with emergency numbers) as part of the “Alliance for Cybersecurity”.

You can display this emergency card in your organisational units.

The IT emergency card “Behaviour in case of IT emergencies” is the new information sign, analogous to the familiar format “Behaviour in case of fire”. Employees in organisations are given important instructions on how to behave in all kinds of IT emergencies. The measures listed enable organisations to make the right decisions from the first moment. The emergency card should be placed in central locations and creates an immediate contribution to security awareness in your organisation.

The information on the IT emergency card is primarily aimed at the IT user in the organisation.


IT emergencies can be reported to the responsible IT coordinators or centrally to the IT service desk at (0531-391-) 55555 or to