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Warning: Zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Office allows code smuggling [CISO, 02.06.2022] Please take the countermeasure described here

HildeGuard-Tipp 01.02.2022

Warning: current extensive phishing wave related to Exchange migration [CISO, 01.02.2022] Particularly dangerous due to the coincidental reference to the migration that is actually taking place!

Symbolbild: Einführung weiterer Schutzmaßnahmen im Netzwerk 19.11.2021

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Information for IT staff: IT emergency card “Behaviour in the event of IT incidents”


Information for IT staff: First aid in the event of a serious IT security incident


Warning: new phishing threat: “Emotet” is back! [CISO, 17.11.2021] Be especially careful with Office macros in files received via e-mail!


Warning: significant increase in attacks via e-mail [CISO, 15.11.2021] Compromised Exchange servers at communication partners for phishing wave


Increased attacks via SMS (October 2021) The BSI warns of increased SMS phishing


Warning against attacks with prepared Office documents ActiveX controls must be switched off until a patch is released


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