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Warning against phishing with imitation SSO page (“Passwort abgelaufen”) Large-scale attack on TU Braunschweig with imitation SSO login page

HildeGuard-Tipp 01.02.2022

Warning: current extensive phishing wave related to Exchange migration [CISO, 01.02.2022] Particularly dangerous due to the coincidental reference to the migration that is actually taking place!


Recommendations for handling passwords (for DP coordinators)


Information for IT staff: First aid in the event of a serious IT security incident

HildeGuard-Tipp 04.10.2021

Warning: extensive phishing around Outlook/Exchange and various banks Please be particularly careful with mails that ask you to enter user data!


Information security courses and lectures in Stud.IP at TU Braunschweig


11 Golden Rules for Information Security