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The Specialised Information Service (SIS) Pharmacy licenses and offers university pharmaceutical scientists full-text access to specialist journals that are otherwise not available at many university locations.

As of now, the FID Pharmacy offers access to three new journals from the publishing house Taylor & Francis: The “Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics” is published six times a year and focuses on the application of statistical methods in biopharmaceutical research and development. The “Journal of Essential Oil Research (JEOR)” offers research and analysis on the topic of “essential oils” and also appears six times a year. The main focus of the publications spreads over analytical chemistry, biotechnology, bioactivity, microbiological activity, toxicology and plant biochemistry. The “Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants” publishes current research results and further information on herbs, spices and medicinal plants. The journal covers also topics from physiology, genetics, chemistry and ecology. The articles coming from the three journals are searchable in PubPharm and the full text can be accessed campus-wide (in the corresponding university network) via PubPharm at the 22 pharmaceutical locations including the TU Dortmund.

For a list of all licensed journals and additional information, see Licensed Journals.

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