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About 80,000 preprints from the archives bioRxiv, ChemRxiv and engrXiv are now available for search in the PubPharm platform.

bioRxiv is a freely accessible online repository for life science preprints maintained by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Upon upload, a manuscript becomes immediately available to the broad community, and it is accessible via its DOI-link as well. Apart from the advantage of rapid publishing, these manuscripts have not undergone a peer review process and may not have been corrected linguistically and technically. PubPharm now offers titles, abstracts, lists of authors and citation metrics, the full texts are directly available via the corresponding DOI-links.

ChemRxiv and engrXiv (Cornell University) host preprints from the chemical and engineering sciences, respectively. There are currently about 3,800 ChemRxiv preprints available in PubPharm, and about 780 preprints come from engrXiv. ChemRxiv is a collaboration effort of the American Chemical Society, the Chinese Chemical Society, the Chemical Society of Japan, the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The archive entries in PubPharm are updated regularly.




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