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The SIS Pharmacy is funded by the German Research Foundation for three more years and starts with great pleasure with the third funding period.
Numerous activities are planned in all four work areas. More information is available in the press release (in German).

Looking back to the year 2020

In the past year, we have continuously optimised our central service – the drug-centred search platform PubPharm – in terms of content and function. For example, the innovative suggestion function for drug substances developed by the Institute for Information Systems (IfIS) has been extended. Searching for diseases/symptoms also returns context-related substances, diseases/symptoms and genes. Besides various activities, the SIS Pharmacy supports COVID-19 research.

Since the beginning of 2020, preprints from subject-relevant archives have been continuously integrated into PubPharm. Moreover, PubPharm provides now information on pharmacy-related patents from the European Patent Office. The implemented new PubPharm version will facilitate the connection and integration of novel functionalities and services in the future.

The SIS Pharmacy is licensing academic journals and offers full-text access to pharmaceutical scientists in Germany. This services could be expanded in 2020 to include three new journals from the Taylor & Francis publishing house: „Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics“, „Journal of Essential Oil Research (JEOR)“ und „Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants“. The SIS Pharmacy also actively promotes Open Access Publishing and offers consulting and support services in this area. One success of these activities can be reported: The scientific journal „Die Pharmazie – An International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences“ turned into a full Open Access journal.

PubPharm: brief profile


  • PubPharm contains more than 50 million references
    • 30 million Medline (PubMed) publications
    • Journal articles from adjacent scientific disciplines
    • Preprint data (from bioRxiv, medRxiv, ChemRxiv, arXiv, engrXiv, TechRxiv and Preprints.org)
    • Books (e-books, dissertations), conference papers
    • Information on clinical trials
    • Subject-related patents from the European Patent Office


  • Full-text access: Availability check based on location
  • Structure search including substructure and similarity search
  • Function suggesting entities related to queried drug or disease
    • Display of related substances, diseases and genes
  • Advanced search, filter functions, favourites list
  • Different filter and sorting functions



Getting started with PubPharm is even easier using our updated help pages and the regularly updated PubPharm quiz.

We regularly report the activities of SIS Pharmacy on the PubPharm blog, via our LinkedIn as well as Twitter account.

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