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The Specialised Information Service Pharmacy (SIS Pharmacy) is part of the consortium NFDI4Chem and thus co-responsible to build an infrastructure for research data management for the chemical and pharmaceutical community. The aims are to build and optimize data repositories, establish metadata standards, build modern laboratories and raise scientists’ awareness for FAIR data management. The SIS Pharmacy is responsible for the optimization of the electronic lab notebook (ELN) Chemotion, developed by the Karlsruhe Institut of Technology, for the uses in pharmaceutical chemistry at universities. For this, we welcome a new member to our team, Benjamin Golub. He is a physical and theoretical chemist by training and will be our expert for ELNs and contact person. He will be in close contact with the KIT as well as researchers from the pharmaceutical community to find out about the needs of pharmaceutical chemist for an ELN and will help them to integrate the ELN in their day-to-day work life.

Furthermore, he will be active in the NFDI4Chem-Area ,Community Involvement and Training‘, he will be present at roadshows and webinars, and will help to develop training materials for the pharmaceutical community. In the future, you will read more from him about NFDI4Chem and ELNs in this blog, and on his private Twitter account (@golub_fdm) you can learn more about his work.

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