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You will find now in PubPharm information about “supporting institution/project title” in the detailed view of a hit. This information shows you whether and how your displayed hit was supported. Currently, data from OpenAIRE for EU funding programmes and from the database NIH RePORTER for NIH Grants are listed.

NIH and OpenAIRE

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) are part of the US Department of Health and Human Services and are important research institutions in the US. They fund and initiate research projects in the field of health and medicine.

OpenAIRE is a project promoting Open Science. It provides a platform in which research results from connected data providers, e.g., metadata from archives, repositories and scientific journals, are collected.

Why is funding information relevant?

It helps to evaluate and classify a research project, as the flow of funds is reported transparently. Furthermore, it is interesting to know whether the funding is public or private, as it shows possible linkages in the community.

Thus, it also shows how independent the research project could/will work or who could exert an influence (e.g., mode of operation, research orientation, the relevance of interim results, etc.).

Written by Viktoria Speit

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