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On 24.11.2022, the Robert Koch-Institute, the ZB MED – Information Centre for Life Sciences (ZB MED) and the SIS Pharmacy jointly presented literature search tools and evidence maps for Long COVID to researchers and information specialists in an online event.

Our colleague Hermann Kroll, from the Institute for Information Systems, presented search options in the Narrative Service and the Drug Overviews. In close cooperation with the Robert Koch-Institute and the ZB MED, the content and functionality of these two services were adapted for COVID-19 and Long COVID queries (more information about the cooperation project). The Narrative Service generates, e.g., structured literature overviews on active substances as well as symptoms and diseases associated with Long COVID. The Long COVID Overviews offer, among other things, network views on associated drug substances, diseases/symptoms and targets (genes).

A video introducing the Narrative Service and the Long COVID Overviews in the context of Long COVID can be found here.

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