Frequently asked questions about library-procedures in emergency operation

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What possibilities do I have to continue to supply myself with media?

Is the UB still accessible?

Which electronic media (e-books and e-journals) do I have access to?

  • You will find all e-media permanently licensed by the UB in our catalogue. Currently, due to special regulations, there are the following additional possibilities:
    Access to the database „Juris Professionell“ is also possible from home via VPN (until 15 June 2020).

Can I currently borrow or return media?

  • No physical media can currently be ordered, borrowed or returned.
  • Please do not return media by post.

Can/must I extend media and will I still be reminded?

  • All borrowed media can be extended indefinitely via your online user account.
  • Reminders for the UB’s own holdings will be suspended for the duration of the closing time, as will those for interlibrary loans.
  • Please do not return books until the library is open again. This also applies if you have already received a reminder.

I have reserved books. Will the reservation remain?

  • Existing reservations for borrowed media are retained.
  • Borrowed items will be available for you until one week after the library reopens.

Can I still order books via interlibrary loan?

  • You can no longer place inter-library loans. This will only be possible again when the library is open again.

I would like to exmatriculate myself and need a discharge note.

  • Please contact me by e-mail at After checking on our part, we will send the required information to the Admissions Office to prepare your exmatriculation.

I would like to hand in my dissertation. How can I do this?

  • It is still possible to hand in your thesis by post or on weekdays between 9 and 12 o’clock at the TU’s post office. Further information can be found on the page of the dissertation office.

I have booked a training or guided tour. Will it take place?

  • All trainings, workshops, guided tours and consulting appointments during closing hours are cancelled.

Do Citavi courses take place?

  • No, currently there are no courses taking place at the university. Accordingly, the UB does not offer any courses. When teaching is resumed, the University Library will again offer Citavi courses. If this results in a greater demand for training places, we will offer additional courses.

I attended a course with UB participation. Can I still pick up my vouchers at the UB information desk?

  • No, unfortunately this is not possible during the prescribed closing time of the University Library. In urgent cases you can reach us via We will send the certificate to the examination office or confirm the participation by email.

As a lecturer I need support in providing literature for a course. Who can I contact?

  • We are happy to provide electronically licensed media and scan printed material for you that is not yet available electronically. Please contact