New GITZ services status page online

So far, we have kept you up to date on current malfunctions, planned maintenance and general information from the GITZ in this malfunction blog.

We have recently revised this concept and developed a status page. You can access this at

You can see the current status of our various systems at a glance on our new status page. The status of the individual systems is shown by coloured accents.

The systems are grouped together so that you can see at a glance in which areas there are problems.

Scheduled maintenance is shown at the bottom of the page. In the case of major system failures, these are recorded as incidents and also displayed in the lower area of the page with further information.

You can subscribe to our new status page just like the incident blog by clicking Subscribe at the very bottom of the page and entering your email address. You can then select which components you would like to be informed about. You will then receive an email when the status of one of the selected components changes, a scheduled maintenance is discontinued or an incident is recorded.