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The PubPharm tool Narrative Service enables a precise and variable-structured literature search allowing users to specify the relationships between different pharmaceutical concepts (including active substances, dosage forms, plant families, targets, etc.) in the query. To do this, enter your information need (research question) as a subject-predicate-object relationship in the central input line. In addition, structured literature overviews can be generated using variables on pharmaceutically relevant concepts instead of concrete subjects or objects.

If the relationship between search words is still unclear, a search can alternatively be started via “Keyword Search”. With this search option, the pharmaceutical concepts can be entered in the input mask without selecting a predicate. Each concept (search word) is entered individually and confirmed with the Enter key or the “Add” button. After “clicking” on “Search”, possible interaction patterns with different predicates are suggested. “Clicking” on the desired interaction pattern starts the literature search.

Below you can see an example search with the concepts metformin and diabetes mellitus.


Various video tutorials are available as an introduction to the Narrative Service. More information can be found here.


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