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The DPhG – International PhD Student & Postdoc Meeting 2024 took place at CSL-Behring in Marburg from 6 to 8 March 2024. As part of this meeting, we presented PubPharm and its unique search tools: The Drug Overviews can be used to retrieve information on active substances searched for, including information on the indication, dosage form and targets, from the up-to-date literature. The Narrative Service can be used to precisely search for relevant literature by specifying relationships between different pharmaceutical search terms in the form of a subject-predicate-object relationship. In addition, in the structure search chemical compounds can be searched based on their molecular structure, via the international non-proprietary name or by importing SMILES/InChI code.

The abstracts of the young scientists’ presentations have been published on pharmRxiv and can be accessed there. PharmRxiv is the subject-specific repository of the FID Pharmazie. In addition to secondary publications, first publications, preprints, presentations or conference posters and further scientific content in other formats (e.g., videos) can also be published free of charge on pharmRxiv. All publications receive a persistent identifier (DOI), and the FID Pharmazie guarantees long-term archiving.

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