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Have you heard of PubPharm? Would you like to learn more about it? PubPharm is a pharmacy-specific search platform that allows simultaneous searches in pharmacy-relevant publications, preprints, patents and clinical trials. PubPharm also offers special search tools: The Drug Overviews service provides information extracted from up-to-date literature (e.g., indications, dosage forms, laboratory methods and targets) on a bioactive substance you are looking for. The Narrative Service allows you to search precisely for relevant literature by entering the search query as a subject-predicate-object relationship and thus defining the relationship between the search words.

In our web seminars in German and English, we will give you an overview of the basic functions of PubPharm using search examples, and present the Drug Overviews and the Narrative Service in detail. We cordially invite all interested parties to the web seminars and look forward to your participation! Below you will find key data, registration links, and further information on all web seminars:

Web Seminar I

Web Seminar II

Web Seminar III

Web Seminar IV

The web seminars will be held via Webex. You can enter the Webex room 5 minutes before the start of the web seminar (you will receive a link to join after registration) to test your setup. To join the Webex room, you can also select a temporary application for your web browser if you do not have the Webex app installed. A quick guide for Webex can be found here. Questions can be asked via chat and audio. Questions will be answered either via chat or through explanations during/after the presentation. The web seminars will be recorded.

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