Basic protection for the computer

  • Update your software regularly, especially your browser, and turn off browser plug-ins that you do not need!
  • Use different passwords for different websites and services, use strong passwords, change your passwords regularly!
  • Be careful with e-mail attachments and links in e-mails!
  • Download data and programs only from trustworthy sources!
  • Use encrypted connections!
  • Make regular backups copies and backups! For institutes and facilities of the TU Braunschweig: use the GITZ backup and archive service (service catalog items 3101, 3102, 3103)
  • Watch the video against online fraud! (created by SECUSO, TU D)

In almost all Internet browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) there are functions for automatically saving input in form fields. It is usually also possible to save input in password fields. Although the entries in password fields are masked, it is easily possible, even for less experienced people, to make the entries visible in plain text.

Most browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera) offer the possibility to read out saved form data in password fields within a few seconds without special knowledge, either by default or via an add-on that can be installed locally in a few moments.

It is recommended to use functions for automatic saving of form data only selectively and not to use the saving of input in password fields.


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