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The new PubPharm version is online, which will facilitate the connection and integration of novel functionalities and services in the future.

Links to the advanced search, the structure search, the search history, the info guide as well as the PubPharm quiz and blog can now be found below the search box.

The advanced search supports formulating more complex queries, and you can specify the type of data (title, publisher, etc.) you are searching for. Additional search fields can now be added and combined with the selected Boolean operator.

The implementation of overlays, e.g. when selecting the media type, improves the usability.


In parallel, a pipeline was developed to update preprints in PubPharm automatically. The pipeline will be adapted for patents and clinical studies in the next weeks.

PubPharm is continuously developed and optimized. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the new version, please contact us via the contact button on PubPharm or via e-mail (pubpharm@tu-braunschweig.de).


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