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At this year’s BiblioCON in Hannover (formerly Bibliothekartag), a conference and education event in the German library community, the FID Pharmazie was represented with a contribution on the transferability – possibilities and limitations – of narrative information access, previously developed for pharmacy, and now tested for political sciences. These activities are a joint project of the FID Pharmazie and the FID Politikwissenschaft (Pollux). Narrative information access, in contrast to a keyword-based search, allows formulating structured queries with relevant concepts (in pharmacy, e.g., diseases, drug forms, and targets) and their contextual interactions (e.g., “Durvalumab inhibits PD-L1”). The “Narrative Service” in PubPharm emerged from the research activities at the Institute for Information Systems in the FID Pharmazie. In the cooperation between FID Pharmazie and FID Politikwissenschaft (Pollux), the methods developed for pharmacy were tested for their transferability to political science, adapted, and a prototype was developed that allows narrative searches in the context of the second Iraq war (data basis: Wikipedia and speeches of the European Parliament) for supporting arguments to a research question.

Interested parties can access the presentation slides here. A scientific article on the generalisability of the extraction methods is available here.



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