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This year, we were once again at the DPhG Annual Meeting, this time in beautiful Tübingen. At our booth, we provided information about our work in the FID Pharmazie and the FID services. NFDI4Chem was also present, as last year, to report on new developments and fundamental concepts in research data management. In detail, information was provided about FAIR research data management and, in general, how to handle research data, along with insights into the electronic laboratory notebook Chemotion ELN. We also participated in a poster session, the poster can be found on pharmRxiv now:
We particularly focused on promoting our Drug Overviews and the new repository pharmRxiv. The Drug Overviews provide structured information about active substances, including data from the ChEMBL database and scientific literature related to a specific active substance. This includes information about the indication, dosage forms, laboratory methods, and targets. The pharmRxiv repository offers a place to publish pharmaceutical content, including abstracts, poster contributions, presentation slides, research data and secondary publications. For example, the conference book for this event can be found in our repository, ensuring its long-term archiving:
Please feel free to share your presentations or posters from conferences here for interested parties. You will receive a DOI that you can use to reference your publication.

We thank you for the lively interest in our work, the many discussions, the new connections made, and we look forward to the next DPhG Annual Meeting in Münster.

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